10 easy ways to make money

Written by Muhammad Arslan

While I was searching for how students can earn money and I got to see internet filled with questions like how can I be millionaire. Well this piece of writing won’t make you a millionaire but rest assure that these 10 ways can make your life a lot easier, especially if you are a student. So no more thinking of how I am going to ask my parents for money yet again. No more whining over how broke you are. Just the will power and of course these tips will make your life much easier. Here are ways that will make your wallet well kept.

  1. Online surveys: in your free time fill online surveys and get paid. There are many websites that offer such surveys, Toulna being one of them.
  2. Start your personal website: It takes hardly 20 moms to start your own website with bluehost. Start it today, publicize it and earn.
  3. Reviewing websites: Simply reviewing website and apps earn you money. Go to and witness it yourself.
  4. Writing: Write and earn. Yes you heard it right. Look for blogs, websites who need writers and write for them.
  5. Join a restaurant: In your free time join a restaurant as a receptionist, delivery boy or anything else you find available. This would not make us any less of human. Trust me.
  6. Sell your notes: This might seem a little greedy but well that’s another way of how students make money. Look for websites that list your notes eg Stuvia & Notesale.
  7. Competitions: grab every opportunity and be part of it. There are numerous competition that reward you. Be a part of essay writing competition, arts competition etc.
  8. Cook and earn: If its cooking or baking that you are famous for earn from it as well. Bake a cake or make a meal and sell it to office workers, hostel students and you can even offer your skills for a party.
  9. Tutoring: It’s another way that can make you earn. Print pamphlets and distribute it. Trust me there would be so many willing to send their students to you. So teach at home and earn.
  10. Photography: Capture others memory and earn. Start with complimentary shoots and publicize yourself. Once you are famous there is no looking back.


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