Class, when the teacher is absent

Written by Aruba Shah

As soon as the students come to know the fact the teacher is absent, it is an enormous celebration time for them. you will see them dancing and roaring and laughing like they have been set free from cages. they will shout as if their mouths were taped since long. they will rise up on their chairs and desks like the earth has fallen short of them.

A bunch of students in every class exists which is always and most worried about why the teacher has not come. They will struggle to go out of the class, check the staff room and make sure that the teacher really is absent or not. Also, they are worried if a substitute teacher will be sent to the class or not.


In the same class, is this poor monitor standing and trying to calm down the class because he is afraid if the noise goes to the building someone might come to take off his badge and position. But, who would listen to this squeaky and afraid little being when its time for a super celebration in the air.


Then there is this category of students who will be over efficient enough to use their time and finish all the homework before they have to go home.  Some will begin to learn the quiz which is about to be held in the next class. and some of them will sit to combine study and sort out different problems they have had in the past lectures. This seems to be the most boring category but this really exists in every class where the teacher is absent.


Then comes another bunch of students who will grab the markers and play games on the board as if never have they seen a board and never have they ever played those games. Some of them will handle the board game and rest will sit and guess the words.

The gossip girls! how can you forget them. This is the bunch which had been looking for a free time to throw the volcano of gossips they had bottled inside themselves. Finally, the time has come when they can discuss everything they want and create more gossips. They will grab their chairs close around one table and enjoy this time by gossiping about every detail.


Some of these will rush to the canteen to kill the hunger which had been starving them since birth. Some will rush t the washrooms to check their turnout and how do they look. The girls will go and freshen up their make up and redo their hair.


There is also a group of free birds who feel they are caged inside the class, so as soon as they get a chance they leave the class to go out and breathe fresh air and have some sunbath. they mean no harm to anyone. This category has a subcategory which is worried about the next class and either is worries about the quiz or plans to skip it. So, this is a golden chance for them to find a place and bunk the next class too.

Despite the fact that how broken the discipline is, these times become memorable for all of these students and they cherish it when they leave the school times and colleges. either way, they are learning things and that is how high-school life goes around the world. iI is safe to say that it is a universal rule to break rules at the high-school.

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