How not to fail a semester?

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Let’s break the exam stress. Let’s control Semester rather than it controlling us. Let’s become favorite of professors and finally lets experience passing semester without going for summer programs and guess what that too with a good GPA because guess what , Pain is temporary GPA is permanent.   Here are few tips for all of us.

  • Opt for your favorite class: Don’t look for courses that has scope rather go for classes that you are interested in because that will make you study not out of compulsion but because you want to. Anything you do with heart will generate scope automatically.
  • Clear your doubts beforehand: don’t let teacher leave class until you are clear with all the concepts, once you make this a habit you won’t have to run to toppers before exam to clear the mess in your head.
  • Be regular: I know bunking is so much fun but you can have all that fun once the class is over, be regular in classes so you develop a link with all your topics. You won’t be alien to topics before preparing for exam that would be so relieving. Trust me!
  • Videos can help: Less time, Lots to cover. Don’t worry videos can save you. Watch tutorials, videos that would save your time. Reading an entire chapter may take lots of time but a video of 5 6 minutes can not only save your time but videos are easy to understand as well.
  • Study smart: there is no way you can bet rid of studying. Study but smartly. Make a group divide topics and then explain them to each other. Make sure what you study you have grip over it. Make flow chats, make diagrams and make sentences to learn things.
  • Make notes: so you don’t have to go through of all over again rather just skimming your notes would be enough.


These few tips might help but there is no alternative to studying, study not a night before exam but regularly even if it’s for an hour. Don’t burden yourself , studying regularly would at least ensure you NOT failing the exam. It isn’t that difficult, trust me we all can do it because God wouldn’t have put us in university He did because he was sure that we are capable of doing it. Let’s start!

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