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Mathematics Quiz 05

Written by Muhammad Arslan

NASIR bought a practical copy Rs.60 and sold it Rs.40. How much loss did he get?

Rashid bought a shirt for Rs 350 and sold it Rs 300. How much loss did he get?

Six men working 8 hours a day earn Rs 720 per week. 8 men working 6 hours a day will earn per week

Which is the greatest number?

Three families, P, Q and R, share 480 kg of rice, Q receives twice as much rice as P and R receives half as much rice as Q. How much rice does family Q gets?

The number, whose 17% is 51, is

Nasir read 60 pages of a book on the first day. This was 20% more than the number of pages he read on the second day. Given that he read 1/6 of the book on the.second day, find the number of pages in the book he had read

In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were successful.The total number of students who appeared in the exam were

Mr. Rehraan ordered a car worth Rs.600.000 and was given a discount.Given that he paid Rs.57,0000 for his new car, calculate the percentage discount he received

10 men can construct a building in 40 days. How long will it take 20 men to do this work?

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