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Mathematics Quiz 06

Written by Muhammad Arslan

10 men can complete a job in 14 days. How long will it take 4 men to finish the same job if they work. at the same rate?

16 men build a house in 10 days. How much time will it take 8 men to do this work?

A carton contains 10 boxes, each box containing one dozen cubes. How many cartons are needed to fill 960 cubes?

A man takes 50 minutes to cover a certain distance at a speed of 6 km/hr. If he walks with a speed of 1 0 km/hr. he covers the same distance

All spends Rs.500 to get a good shirt and sells it at Rs.800. Find the percentage of Profit?

A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do it in 15 days. The number of days required by them to finish it, working together is:

There are four numbers. Average of the first three is 15 and that of the last three is 16. If the last number is 19 find the first number:

Naveed Ahmed spends Rs.400 in getting a good table and sells Rs.600. Find the percentage of profit?

A car washer can wash 8 cars in 18 minutes. At this rate how many cars can be wash, in three hours?

A man pays 10% of his income as income tax. If his income tax amounts to Rs.1500, what is his income?

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