NAT – II Sample Papers

NAT – IIA Sample Paper
(Arts & Social Science)

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Written by Muhammad Arslan

NAT – IIA Test Overview :

NTS NAT-IIA Test is for Students Who have Completed their in Arts & Social Science and are seeking admission in Collage / University for Masters Degree.

Number of Question
A :TopicNo of Questions
A :Verbal20
A1 : Sentence Completion05
A2 : Analogy03
A3 : Antonym04
A4 : Comprehension05
A5 : Synonym03
B : Analytical15
B1 : Scenario Based10
B2 : Statements Based05
C : Quantitative15
C1 : Arithmetic11
C2 : Algebra03
C3 : Geometry01
A : Subject Knowledge50
D1 : Islamiyat / Ethics10
D2 : Pakistan Studies10
D3 : General Knowledge20
D4 : Current Affairs10

Download NAT – IIA Sample Paper with Answer Key :

The NAT – IIA Sample Paper is complied with the help of  top educational experts of Pakistan.And previous papers that have been taken in past. This Paper will help you to get the idea of actual exam. Practice this paper at least thrice before appearing in the exams. Also try our online test. We Wish you best of luck for your future. Cheers !

Download NAT – IIA Sample Paper with Answer Key

Take NTS – IIA Online Test

Let give a try to a online test. This test is consist of 4 sections and each section have 10 quizzes and each quiz will have 10 questions. Right after test result will be shown so that you can evaluate yourself. This quiz will help you preparation of test and management time during test.

Take Islamic Studies Online Quizzes
Take Pakistan Studies Online Quizzes
Take General Knowledge Online Quizzes

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Tips to Solve NTS Paper

1 – Start with Bismillah.

2 – In NAT tests, usually time is very limited. You have less than a minute for each MCQ, so divide the time on all MCQs properly. This does not mean divide time equally. For example Maths MCQs may take more time to solve than English MCQs.

3 – Read the MCQ and before reading the choices, think in your mind for correct answer and then read the choices. It will help you to choose the correct choice or the answer.

4 – Solve those MCQs first which are easier and take less time. Solve the difficult ones in the end.

5 – For answering MCQs you are given a “computer sensitive sheet”. It has circles on it. You have to use your ball pen or marker to fill the circle for correct answer. Learn the correct way how to the circles on computer sensitive sheet because computer reads it for giving you marks.

6 – Attempt all the MCQs because there is no negative marking.

7 – Incase you don’t know the answer just circle the option ‘B’ or option ‘C’ as most of the correct answers are usually either b or c.

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