Smart ways to answer multiple choice questions (MCQs)

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Now a days many test and quizzes are taken in a form of multiple choice questions (mcqs) now as the same suggests it is basically a question paper that has a question with different choices to choose the answer from. As this looks and may sound easy but answers are sometimes less obvious and you can easily make the wrong decision. So here are some smart ways to get an A on that multiple choice paper.

  1. Read the question carefully and think and then understand what question is exactly asking for.
  2. Read through all the answers given and try to look for the key words or words that have already been used in the question.
  3. Cross the options that definitely are not the answers.
  4. Don’t hustle, think even if you are sure that that’s the correct answer. Question might have asked something else.
  5. Marks the options with pencil first so while rechecking if you find any mistake you can correct it later. Since crossed with a pen won’t get you any mark.
  6. Don’t leave them blank, tick any option there are 25 % chances of it being correct.
  7. Try to make educational guesses or remember what have been taught to you in class, that would help alot.
  8. Go through all figures and things you find can be asked in the multiple choice paper.
  9. Always look for key words because there are chances of you not picking up what is been asked and ending up encircling the wrong option.

Although multiple choice questions seems to be very easy but you can do silly mistakes very easily. Utilize all time available to read the questions, look at all options and don’t panic. Don’t cheat not because it’s ethically wrong but also because teachers have new trick of changing the orders. of option.


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