Time Management tips for students

time management tips
Written by Muhammad Arslan

Tired of hearing phrases like ‘where did time go’ ‘so much to do so little time’ ‘how would this finish in time’, don’t worry there is solution to everything but only if you have a will power ; Will to solve your problems. Today we are going to talk about managing time, in an era where everyone is a part of race where time is a precious commodity we will see how we will  utilize time rather than crying over how time flies. So gear up students because these tips will manage your time magically.

  • Plan your day: Before you go to bed make to do list for your next day. Set your goals for the day and give yourself a time limit for its completion.
  • Go easy on yourself: set goals that are achievable, you are allowed to do things that make you happy even if they take a little more time than required but MAKE SURE that the rest of time is utilized effectively.
  • Reward yourself: once you have completed your goal reward yourself with probably 30 minutes of wasting time or go out for a walk or deliver your favorite food home. This will provide you with a motivation.
  • Limit your social media: unfollow everyone on social media except for those whom you really care about, that would save your time A LOT.
  • Mute your phone: turn your phone to silent mode and put it in a drawer, then promise yourself that you won’t check it until you are done with let’s say 2 topics. Trust me that would ensure you completing those 2 topics to your earliest.
  • Set your priorities: there is always a long list of what you could have done, but learn to resist. Say no to things that you know are not that important.

Every successful person had no more than 24 hours. They had the same tome like we have but then what did they do differently; they said no to procrastinating, they didn’t delay things to last moment. Have you ever felt the difference when you are late at something vs when you are early if not experience it and you’ll never delay things after it. The feeling of satisfaction will motivate you to complete your assigned duties, work on time. Time management will no more be of issue to you. Life would be easier.

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