Tips for Students for NTS Tests

Written by Muhammad Arslan

You need to go through the crucial stages of the NTS tests? Worry no more, we will provide tips for students for NTS Tests. NTS is the national testing service organization of Pakistan. In your NTS you will be provided with hundreds of multiple choice questions which need to be attempted within a time span of just two hours, we know attempting them won’t be easy and you will need all the help you can receive. This is where we come in, we have made a list of tips that will help you ace your NTS tests.

The guide below would not just help you pass your NTS tests but also help you achieve the highest possible marks.

5 Tips to Ace Your NTS Tests

1. Prepare the test pattern and a schedule

It is very important to know that the test pattern of any test is the most vital part of the test. If you know the test pattern, it is guaranteed that you will be able to do the test in the given time spam or maybe even have some extra time left. Download one of the schedule apps on the play store or the app store and make a schedule of the books and subjects that you would have to revise on each day.

2. Collect your knowledge

The first thing you should start focusing on is improving your general knowledge in English and Urdu both. Mostly students do not give much importance to Urdu, however for the NTS tests you will require a sound knowledge of Urdu just as much as you’d require English. You should read books on ‘what is what’ and ‘who is who’ to excel in collecting all your knowledge. Furthermore, you should collect past test papers, model papers and content weightages provided by the NTS testing agencies. The best part about this is that all the resources provided by the NTS testing agencies are free of cost.

3. Positivity is the best policy

Along the long journey of preparing for your test you should adopt a positive attitude and expect to pick yourself up and remind yourself to keep going. To keep yourself stress and panic free, do not talk to the other students and people taking the test or who have taken the stress. Staying stress free with a positive attitude will just provide you with the extra help.

4. Don’t forget to sleep

Most students like to stay up before their exams in general, however a necessity to pass all your exams whether it’s your high school exams or your NTS tests is to get a good night’s sleep before the exam or test that is going to be taking place. The sleep will help your brain function better on your test day and there won’t be any chances of you falling asleep during the test and failing.

5. Solving the test

When your test day is finally here, you should first read all the questions on the question paper and then start attempting the test. There is a rule that you should always do the easier part of the test first as it takes less time and then move on to the difficult parts of the test. Then you should eliminate all the obvious incorrect answers, to avoid time for errors. To divide your time wisely, you should do the math and analytical part of the test first and then move on to the English section of the test in the end.

We are wishing you the best of luck and wishes for your test! Hope these tips were as helpful for you as they were for us. If you have any tips that could be helpful to others, please feel free to share them with us.

All the Best !!!

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