Tips to Solve Analytical Reasoning Questions

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Let’s be honest, we all face difficulty in solving analytical question. But before that we need to know what exactly being analytical means it means visualizing, articulating and most importantly conceptualizing in order to solve given scenarios or problems. Now that isn’t easy but here are some tips that will help you in solving them.

  1. Take your time, understand question first. Reread it several times unless you are completely sure of what question is asking for.
  2. Before answering make a rough draft on how to solve a question, especially the long questions.
  3. Don’t try to remember everything before starting, start your answer as you write you will remember points. Note them down so you don’t forget them.
  4. Don’t panic; Even if you don’t know much rely on what little you know. Never ever leave it blank.
  5. Always give examples; this will convince examiner that you have hold over the topic.
  6. Reason with conditional statements such as ‘if-then’, this would grab teachers attention.
  7. Draw flow charts, pie charts or any illustrations where possible. This would make it easier for examiner to understand.
  8. One of the most important techniques is maintain your perspective, no matter what stick with what your opinion is.
  9. Always support your answer with facts and figure, just don’t talk in air.


Analytical question can be a little headache but once you know how to solve them, the techniques and tips that we have talked here it can be solved with less effort so here are some tips on how we can grab more marks and solve analytical problems easily. Before all of this you have to study since there is no alternative for that.

Be confident , you can do it.Good luck!


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