Tips to solve Quantitative Reasoning problems

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Bad with numbers? Well, it’s okay that’s a common phenomenon. Maths can be your worst nightmare but once you get hold of it you can not only score well but can also enjoy doing it. Today we will look for some tips that would make playing with these numbers a little easier. So here you go.

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. We have heard all our lives that maths is by practice and that’s no lie. The more you practice, more chances of less mistakes. Not only this but it would save your time as well.
  2. Manage your time well, don’t spend too much time is on question or don’t get stuck at one point because that would force you to quicken your pace for the others question and sk Chances of mistakes increase.
  3. To avoid mistakes solve question while saying out what you are doing so if you are writing wrong your words might stop you. That’s usually for basic mathematics. Eg: – 2+2=0 but you might right it 4. Although you know it still you can be mistaken. Words would stop these basic mistakes.
  4. Not everything is complicated, if you solve something easily its okay. Trust yourself it would be that simpler. Don’t confuse yourself.
  5. RECHECK. Always recheck your work and one way I do it as, I attempt question with pencil first and then do it again above that with pen. This would not only ensure the neatness but will also eliminate any mistake done first time. You ll erase the pencil one later, of course.
  6. Learn formulas and write it at towards end of your paper. So you can refer to them whenever you forget.
  7. Learn basics very well, that’s extremely important. Ask as much as you want to but at the end of day your concepts should be very clear.

So here is my first-hand experience on how you can improve your quantitative solving skills. I hope they are helpful.

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