why is education so important ?

Written by Muhammad Arslan

Has anyone ever questioned themselves about why do we get education? What is its importance? Well we all know the basics and the typical answer to this question. Like we;ll get good jobs, we will have better live etc. But you know we miss out on so many things that we get merely because of our education. Things bigger than getting jobs or getting rich. Today we will talk about it. Things those aren’t typical.

Education is the basic tool that teaches us what is right and what’s wrong, had there been no education stealing, abusing, foul language would have been a norm. Similarly we learn the basic etiquette of eating, sitting, talking through our education. The basics you learn in classrooms can never be learnt anywhere else. The concept of sharing, learning through discussions, tolerating each other’s opinion is all incorporated into us through education. Imagine a world where everyone was uneducated, how would it have been? There would be chaos, everyone would be in competition of defeating each other no matter which means they use.

Education is not only about getting marks or good grades there is so much more to it. Education is not lying, not letting others down, not cheating and not demotivating others. Education is a lot about ethics than about learning what is just in the books. Well that doesn’t means that other form of education is of no importance, it is equally. Important. So let’s start with getting real education, education that would change not only your own self but the wider world. Know about universe, about world, about humans, about animals, about plants this will bring you closer to humanity and to God as well. Islam has taught us several times about contemplating and trust me this part of education is worth everything. You start doing it today and you will see the difference yourself. Start it today.

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